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My life is a constant journey towards discovery and creativity

Design is my Passion

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About Me

My name is Melanie Danoviz and I am currently a student attending California State University, Fullerton with a passion for graphic design. Up until my third year of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living – all I knew was that I loved anything related to the visual arts and taking my own photos. When I found out that graphic design was a profession which required one to be creative, open-minded, and communicate feelings or messages through images and design, I thought “wow, this is perfect for me.”

Now, as a junior in college, I want to pursue this passion for design in whichever way I can find. So far, I have been involved in many interesting, eye-opening projects like designing movie posters, illustrations for a published book, and more! I have a huge drive for trying new things and I hope to see you on this grand journey ahead that I am not hesitant to conquer.


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